‘Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman. Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing, and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self.’ Gabrielle Roth

Abi Newman

I remember dreams of becoming an Artist or a Dancer when I was younger, feeling excited by a blank piece of paper and paints or an open dance floor. I found great enjoyment in the messiness of creating, whether that was a flow of movements coming together, playing the Piano, making a mark on paper or entering into a place of imagination, I loved to dream and felt inspired by the freedom of creativity.

As I grew, my focus of inspiration shifted and I became inspired by the people in the world that had kindness in them; unwavering, relentless kindness that could be seen in their eyes and felt in their presence, the people that had adventure in their hearts and wildness in their bones. Of course, my dreams of a creative life still existed, however, what became a clearer vision and path for me was one of adventure, kindness, growth and following what my heart was calling for.

I spent time moving around, feeling the land and taking in the lifestyle and approaches to the world that surrounded me in different places that I lived. I built relationships with people all over the world and began to get a clearer vision of the similarities and connectivity that bring us together as a people. I look back on this time now as one of expansion and deep learning while also recognising that this transition was a painful one. Stepping out of old patterns and bravely stepping into something new and unknown can bring fear and uncertainty, it certainty invited me to come back to my own sense of trusting in my process. It was around this time that I knew that I wanted to find a way to be with people in their own moments of growth, pain, healing, process and offer a space for them to come home to their own inner knowing.

In 2013 I came home to Bristol feeling grounded and with a readiness to connect with the land here in a more committed way, I began Counselling training and felt that I had found a place I could call home; I felt excited about the prospect of working so intimately with people, and knew that this was a place I could bring my own kindness and sense of adventuring into the unknown.

Since then I have continued further training in body-based approaches and spiritual practices through Shamanic teachings. I have experienced Dance and creative flow as doorways into other states of being and feel passionate about returning to the power of dance, song and expression beyond words. I feel grateful for the foundations laid down by my training in Counselling and background of working in Mental health settings, I continue to attend workshops and training that offer further exploration and experiences beyond the scientific, rational mind. I feel that I am surrounded by a world of teachers, land full of knowledge and an Earth that gives us the stars, seasons, weather systems, the sun, the moon, connection, forgiveness and so much more. I have my own daily practices that support me and I hold space for others to move deeply into their own map of who they are. Remembering, re-imagining and re-embodying.

I have come to learn that in order to move away from our domesticated self (the tamed animal), we are invited to move more closely to the wild edges of who we are. Nature does this all the time and we too can learn to tune into our own natural cycles and rhythms and find ways to untame what has been silenced or suppressed.

I invite you to no longer be silent.