Each month do you find yourself paying for the ‘things’ that will make you happy; Spotify, gym membership, nights out, days out, clothes, Netflix, new phone, car finance .. the list can be endless. Each month do you find that instead of finding happiness, you find an increasing credit card bill and a greater need to find what is missing.

I am not here to argue that ‘things’ cannot bring a person a certain amount of joy and happiness. What I am here to ask is whether or not we are shying away from emotional fitness for physical workouts in the gym? Are we opting to ‘zone out’ binge watching boxsets on Netflix instead of really connecting with our own vulnerability, avoiding the questions that keep on coming up; who am I, what am I doing with my life, am I really happy?

Are the modern day routes to happiness allowing you to express who you really are?

Balance of course is always needed, I am not suggesting that everyone runs out leaves the gym, unsubscribes to Netflix, throws out there phone and sits in a silent meditation with a Therapist for the next 12 months, (of course if this speaks to you please do it) instead I am inviting you to allow the following questions in-

Do you feel that you are paying enough attention to your emotional wellbeing?

Do you feel emotionally fit?

Do you get your self-worth from physical form and ignore emotional or spiritual wealth?

Are you giving your emotional self the attention that it needs?

Holding a practice that promotes emotional fitness can come in many forms, this is not about me promoting Counselling or Psychotherapy, as a Therapist I do feel the need to encourage every person out there to explore what works for them in this arena. For some, Counselling is the very thing that works and helps promote emotional fitness, it is a place to connect deeply with themselves and learn new ways of being, it can also push you to your limits, much like when you are in the gym pushing yourself physically, emotional workouts can be hard work too but with it comes a gift, an opportunity of authenticity. What an incredible chance we all have to be more of who we really are and less of what the world outside of us expects or demands us to be.

I wonder why it is that so many of us are happy to pay for a personal trainer to get us Physically fit in the gym but still feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit to ourselves that we might need or want to seek out a professionals help for our Emotional fitness and wellbeing, the investment of course can be a scary one, instead of showing the strength of your muscles or adaptability around a cardiovascular work out, this relationship with a Counsellor would be about you exploring what is going on for you, the truth underneath all the noise of our modern day lives, this relationship can hold the key to you allowing vulnerability to be present.

If I could press the pause button right now what is it that you need to pay attention to?

I hope that today is the day you hold space to offer that part of you what it needs

Blessings x

Is Emotional fitness a necessity or luxury?

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