SPEAK.     SENSE.      SEE.      MARK.

Imagine creating a space where you can journey to the places within yourself that are asking to be heard without the need to articulate or analyse your experience, imagine the freedom you could welcome into that space. Then imagine listening, exploring, moving with these experiences and allowing yourself to bring the inner experience alive in the outside world- this is where Body mapping comes in.

The preparation and journey toward coming onto the map and being traced around will involve gentle exploration and play, allowing yourself time to enter the wild within, speaking, sensing, seeing and marking your journey. Whatever is calling for your attention will be given time and space to be voiced and marked in some way through the use of Art Materials, this is not about Artistic capability – you do not need to be an ‘Artist’ – this is about forming a new relationship with your whole self, being open with curiosity to what comes forward and moving away from expectations.

Body Maps are life-size creations, by honouring the bodies’ voice you will be traced around marking your existence, your shape in the world, this process is an opportunity for you to create something that is not yet known.

The outline shape that is created will then invite you to enter your inner landscape, exploring and expressing this experience through a combination of body meditations, movement, ritual, mark making, drawing, painting and sculpting.

Body mapping can be woven into the Therapeutic work or we can discuss a series of one to one body mapping focused sessions.

Allow yourself to form a new, wild relationship with your whole self.