Abi Newman Counselling

In every human heartbeat is a Universe of possibilities’ – Shantaram

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy and who is it for?

There are endless definitions of what Counselling and Psychotherapy is or could be, with many people describing it in a slightly different flavour. I feel that it is for you to discover what you want the space to be and how you wish to use it. It can be a time for you to speak about what you are carrying with you without the fear of judgement or rejection, a time to find your own voice and answers, perhaps a time for you to connect with what is missing or explore what is holding you back, for others it could be a part of your self-development, a calling that you can no longer ignore.

Short-term Counselling can provide a space for you to process, explore, feel, talk, move, connect; it can offer an endless opportunity to move into authenticity.
Psychotherapy (longer-term work) presents the gift of depth; allowing you to move into the more difficult places within yourself and learning/relearning what ‘relationship’ is for you.
As your therapist my intention is to meet you where you need and want to be met; mind, body and heart.

Whatever you feel you need to bring into therapy is the invitation; the starting point to your process of awareness, movement and insight, your opportunity to become fully engaged with life.

My Working Philosophy

I am an Integrative Therapist with a Humanistic core, working in a heartfelt, connected way and meeting my Clients where they want to be met.

I am influenced by various teachings including Body Psychotherapy, Wild therapy and Transpersonal Psychology, this translates into Mind:Body:Spirit.

I believe in paying attention to body and mind, heightening awareness and stepping into the whole experience. This way of working heightens a person’s awareness and can gift you the opportunity to step fully into a deeper experience.

Working with the mind, body and heart in a therapeutic space can mean integrating various ways of working, these might include;

  • Traditional talking therapy
  • Creative writing
  • Movement
  • Breath awareness
  • Visualisation work
  • Ways of expressing yourself creatively

The foundation of the work being the therapeutic relationship itself.

Somatic Body Mapping

Following on from my own experiences through Somatic Body Mapping workshops I have a felt sense of how empowering and transformative this work can be, I am beginning a Body Mapping Mentorship in the coming months and I am welcoming You to contact me if you feel that you would like to create your own map, this would be one to one work, with me holding the space: a space of compassion, gentleness, warmth and movement from the places that feel stuck.

The space I will be holding is both creative and therapeutic, it is a real opportunity for you to listen to your body, hear it, feel it and storytell through your own forms of creative expression.

This would be separate to any Counselling process that could follow on from this work and is structured into 6-10 sessions depending on your needs and your own relationship with your map.
Body mapping is both a creative and therapeutic process that allows you to deeply connect with your Somatic experience, allowing us to welcome and invite our inner landscape with curiousity and acceptance.
By using body meditations in the Counselling room with me we can begin to explore the story your body is telling; listening to and nurturing the places that are asking for attention. Movement will add another layer of depth and offer you the chance to hear what your body needs. You will be invited to draw, paint and sculpt your story, through creating you will be able to connect more deeply with your experiences. If this is something you might be interested please do get in contact with me.

Finding the Therapist that you want to work with..

Finding the right Therapist that feels true to what you are looking for is an incredibly important part of your process, with many different types of therapy on offer and a large selection of Therapists to scroll through it can be anxiety provoking in itself, I want to make the beginning stages of choosing your Therapist as easy as possible, this is why I offer a free introductory session, this gives you the chance to ask questions and get a better idea of what working with me might look and feel like, it also gives you an opportunity to feel into whether you would like to work with me and perhaps gain a deeper sense of what you are looking for in a Counsellor.

I work in a heart connected way which means that my intention is to create a space of warmth, compassion and support, allowing you to feel comfortable and at ease, I believe that the relationship we create together is at the core of the work. The Counselling space is there for you to engage with your mind, heart and body felt response, nurturing what you feel and reconnecting to your core, giving you the time to find new options and creating freedom around your choices, we will work at your pace and reach the depths that you wish to journey to.

What next and what to expect…

You can send me a message through the contact page on here, email me directly, text or call.

I feel that building a solid starting point is very important, I do not rush any point of the Therapeutic relationship this is very much inclusive of the beginning stages, I feel it is important that you get the right Therapist for you and wish to give you every opportunity to make an informed, heart felt decision around whether or not you wish to work with me.

I offer a reduced cost introductory session, this is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

If you then feel you would like to begin to hold regular sessions, our first full session would be a chance for me to go through some questions to gather more information around how long we will work together and what intentions you might be bringing with you, we will look at current support systems you have in place and together in this first session we will read through, agree and sign The Therapeutic Relationship (Contract) and Confidentiality agreement form.