‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’- Carl Jung.

Abi Newman

Personally, I have always been a curious person by nature, seeking out any possible route to find truth, to find peace; essentially to find myself.

To live as an awake, conscious human being through my life experience has long been my calling.

I spent many years travelling through Australia and New Zealand, looking for answers to the many questions that I carried in my heart and relearning what real connection was.

The people I met became my teachers; the land that I walked upon was my home and the closer I came to myself, the closer I came to understand the importance of relationship, whether that be the one with yourself or with something or someone outside of yourself.

Moving past any official training and placement hours that I have completed throughout my journey toward becoming a Counsellor, I personally feel that the most important thing I need to share with you is that any work I do comes from the heart, there are many beautiful and creative ways to say how I feel about holding a Therapeutic space but the most true and simple way to share my feelings with you is to say that I  love the work that I do and feel honoured to be doing it. To witness people coming home to themselves and illuminating parts of themselves that were once forgotten brings me back to what it is to be human in this world. The courage it takes for us to face our truth.


I believe I am surrounded by a world of teachers, land full of knowledge and the blessing to fully participate in an honest relationship with myself.

Who I have become and who I continue to become is walked in partnership with the kind of Therapist that I am, the words that I feel I carry with me as friends are; Love, warmth, non-judgement, kindness and the invitation to be more gentle with ourselves in this fast paced, quick fix modern world.